Laser Surgery - Good for your Pet, Good for You!

What having laser surgery means for your pet

There are three major advantages of laser surgery when compared to traditional stainless steel surgical scalpels, which are   decreased pain, reduced bleeding and blood loss and reduced risk of infection.

Less Pain

  • Decreased post-operative pain is accomplished when the laser seals the nerve endings as it cuts. The laser also seals lymphatic vessels, creating less edema or swelling. This helps reduce pain impulses from the surgery site.

Less Bleeding / Reduced risk of infection

  • Reduced bleeding and blood loss is achieved through cauterization of blood vessels as the laser beam vaporizes the tissues. Less bleeding can improve the veterinarian’s ability to clearly see the surgical field by sealing the capillaries and small blood vessels.

Shorter recovery time:

  • Quicker recovery time is often observed in patients undergoing laser surgery. There is a reduced risk of infection due to the superheating and sterilization of tissues in the incision site that destroys most bacteria. Less swelling and pain also contribute to quicker recovery times after laser surgery in pets

24 hours post-op following a laser declaw procedure

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